The Tait Brothers


Our Story

The Tait brothers, David and Dominic, set out to challenge convention. Inspired by their home in the Scottish Borders, a part of the world which was once the most northerly reaches of the Roman empire. This ancient connection sparked a wild idea…what if that most prized spirit, which goes on to become Scotch Whisky, was used to enrich a zesty selection of Italian wines, all tied together by botanicals cultivated in both regions.

It was while walking through the triple peaks of Eildon Hills (called by the Romans the Trimontium) that the brothers first conceived of Valentian. Stumulated by the fragrant flora and fauna of the Scottish countryside they wondered what of nature’s bounty would bring out the best from a malty, fruity spirit.

Their ambition wasn’t just to create a vermouth, but a flavour experience which with every sip would transport you to the soft rolling countryside of Scotland or the fragrant, warmth of the wine country on the plains of the Tanaro river in northern Italy.

This was an idea so novel, so unique that some questioned if it was even possible.

But the brothers had one thing in their corner: having grown up around the world of distilling and brewing, they were lucky enough to able to call upon friends across the continent to help them find the right partners to pull off this audacious plan. First they teamed up with a unique distillery close to their home. One which uses artisanal pot stills and ruthlessly cuts their spirit only by eye. Finding someone with the skills to create an exceptional vermouth with this ingredient proved more challenging. Undaunted, the brothers search lead them deep into the fields and vineyards of Piedmont.  It was here that they found a family much like their own. Warm, welcoming and full of laughter. Steeped in a culture of and a true love for the traditions of vermouth making.

Yet, despite the challenges and the hurdles the brothers and their friends persevered and the result, Valentian Vermouth is a vermouth of unrivalled flavour and quality. A true elixir for the bold.

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